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Where and when

Splatter Painting

Exhibitions and Shows

2018  Rountree Tryon Gallery, Petworth

2017  Rountree Tryon Gallery, Petworth

2015  Longueville Gallery, Paris

2014  Royal College of Art, Shooting Star CHASE

2013  Royal College of Art, Shooting Star CHASE

2012  Royal College of Art, Shooting Star CHASE

2009 - 2017 Ginger chain of restaurants, Royal Oak Poynings, The Fountain Ashurst, The Implant Centre Hove

2008  Open House, Fulking

2006  Longueville Gallery, Reims

2006  Open House, Brighton

2005  Lennox Gallery, London

2005  Delamore Arts, Devon

2005  Open House, Brighton

2005  Affordable Art Fair, Carina Haslam Fine Art

2004  Coves Quay Gallery, Devon

2004  Battersea Contemporary Art Fair

2004  West Country Show, Calcot Manor

2004  Open House, Brighton

2004  Monks Withecombe, Devon

2003  Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, London

2003  Open House, Brighton
2002  Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, London

1994  Christies of St James, Charity Show

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