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Portraits and commissions

Portraits and commissions can be painted to fit almost any wall space.  I can work from life or from photographs. Either way it is important to meet with the sitter.


If you are considering a portrait, I can visit you to discuss all aspects of the painting, free of obligation.  Together, we can agree the intended composition, size of the painting as well as where it might hang.  Then I'll photograph the sitter to agree the composition and pose.  Once an image has been selected, I'll be able to offer a quotation.


Portrait commissions start from £800.  Prices are based primarily on scale and the time I estimate the commission to take.  All my commissions are guaranteed 100%.  The client accepts no liability until they have taken receipt of the finished painting and are entirely happy with it.


I also offer a comprehensive framing service.  All my frames are hand-finished to suit the individual painting.


If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please feel free to call me on 01273 857 090 or fill out the form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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